Herbert Pföstl at The Brother in Elysium Books


Schrift-Landschaften Drawings and Other Works 
Opening Reception — Saturday March 2nd, 5-8pm
48 Broadway, Tivoli, NY 12583

herbert pfostl the brother

Dear Friends,

Please join me at The Brother in Elysium Books for an opening of my exhibition Schrift-Landschaften Drawings and Other Works. The nine original drawings will be on display along with new landscape ex-votos in oil on wood and canvas.

Epidote Press published an edition of the Schrift-Landschaften and provides the following description:

"The Schrift-Landschaften drawings are composed of a single text-fragment, written in Herbert Pföstl’s distinctly small script, inscribed upon a page from a nautical traverse table. One is reminded of the particularities of calligraphic expression and the meditative processes required to create needlework samplers, chronological tables, weather diaries, or even telegraphic code. Pföstl’s landscapes of script, however, come from a deep reading of and reliance upon literature; these lines are fragments from books gathered over many years and transformed into a landscape of incantations for the artist. What at first appears a wilderness of words on paper soon resolves into a garland of vows concealed within the text. These works are a meditation on the artist's abiding interest in the liminal space which often exists between drawing and writing."

The drawings are incantations in repetition, landscapes of script as walks in writing on fields of paper. They are resurrected fragments, summoned as vows: exercises to gain time.

Thank you,


herbert pfostl the brother 1
herbert pfostl the brother 2
herbert pfostl the brother 3